Psychoemotional causes of diseases

Dr. Dorin Dragoş - Psychocausal Medicine - Psychoemotional Causes of Diseases

Disease is not our enemy, but paradoxically our best friend, for it has the courage to tell us straightforwardly where and how we go wrong.


We invite you to take part in a survey regarding the correlation between diseases and psycho-emotional features. We are attempting to identify the psychic features that correlate with (and probably predispose to) various categories of diseases. Please fill in the following questionnaires. Only the first two questionnaires are required in order to establish your psychological profile.

1st questionnaire

2nd questionnaire

Filling in the 3rd questionnaire is not mandatory at this stage of our survey. However, after the completion of our survey, the 3rd questionnaire will be used to establish your psychoemotional risk profile (a quantitative assessement of your psychoemotional predisposition to various diseases). The respondents that have already filled in the 3rd questionnaire will receive such a psychoemotional risk profile. Those who haven't will receive an invitation to do so in order to establish their psychoemotional risk profile.

3rd questionnaire

Within a few days you will receive an evaluation of your psychological profile.

Sample of psychological profile

Each questionnaire starts with statement number 1 (#1). In order to get to the beginning of a questionnaire repeatedly press the PgUp key or use the Ctrl-Home key combination (keep pressing Ctrl key and press Home). At the beginning of each questionnaire you will find the filling instructions. Please fill in all three questionnaires. For each questionnaire, please follow the steps described below:

1. Download the questionnaire. To download a questionnaire place the mouse on the title, press the right button of the mouse, choose option “Save target as”. If you do not succeed, you can e-mail us at and we can send you the questionnaires as attachments to our reply message.

2. Fill in the questionnaire according to the instructions included in each questionnaire. If you decide to fill in the 3rd questionnaire, please read carefully and observe the instructions.

3. After filling in the questionnaires, send them as attachments to an e-mail message to the address: It is preferable to send all questionnaires as attachments to one e-mail message, and not to two or three separate messages.

To ease the selection of messages, write “Questionnaire” as subject of the message.

To ease the identification, you can rename the three questionnaires the model “SurnameNameQ1”, “SurnameNameQ2”, “SurnameNameQ3” (for example “HarrisonGeorgeQ1”, “HarrisonGeorgeQ2”, “HarrisonGeorgeQ3”). If you do not wish to use your name, you can use a certain identifier (for example, the one you use for your e-mail address), followed by “Q1”, “Q2” and respectively “Q3”.

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